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Every day of a baby’s life is a fairy-tale!
Babies are cute angels. We can only imagine what they might be thinking in their little innocent minds. They, with their gestures and sweet language of murmurs, fill every day with loads of happiness for us. While growing to be a healthy kid, every passing day is a fairy-tale for them. But the fact of life is – they need utmost care, all-round protection, and a touch of pure love! That’s where Babytales comes into the picture. You keep loving & hugging your baby…and leave all the rest to Babytales!

A wide range of Baby Tales products
Babytales offers a spectrum of products for your day-to-day needs of new-borns, babies & kids. Be it Soaps & Shampoos, Clothes & Accessories, Baby-gears &, Sleeping Mattresses & Protective Items, Carry-nests & Mother Bags, Health & Safety Products…everything has been holistically covered under the Babytales babycare brand.

From refreshing morning to late-night lullabies, all you need for your baby is available in enchanting designs and eye-pleasing patterns. Babytales exclusively has an all India licence from an associated brand of Disney to showcase & print its popular cartoon characters. No other company in India is authorized to do it! Amazing, isn’t it? For best quality products made up of the finest materials and showcasing famous Disney prints, keep visiting

Every day of a baby’s life is a fairy-tale!